Sunday , January 21 2018
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Vaponic Smokeless Vaporizer Pipe Review

vaponic vaporizer penSomeone in Europe saw a need for a patented double airflow system in a portable glass vaporizer pipe – so they made The Vaponic.

The Vaponic Smokeless Vaporizing Pipe has zero contact between flame and herb. The Vaponic allows for simple, convenient and efficient liquid vaporizing of your medical marijuana. The Vaponic smokeless vaporizer was created using durable materials, such as The Vaponic’s 3mm-thick, heat-resistant Pyrex borosilicate glass, a stainless steel screen filter and its medical grade silicone plug.

You can safely carry the Vaponic vaporizer pipe anywhere within its clever case, which looks like an eraser board marker. The Vaponic Smokeless Vaporizing Pipe is made in Europe under the strictest of quality control for your smokeless, vaporizing Vaponic pleasure.

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