Saturday , March 24 2018
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Marijuana Edibles by Dixie Elixirs

EdiblesDo you enjoy candy and desserts? If so, then you have to try Dixie Elixirs’ medical marijuana edibles. These amazing medical marijuana treats will have you frequenting the medical marijuana dispensaries daily.

Dixie Elixirs’ edibles product line consists of Medicated Chocolate Truffles (50-300mg), Medicated Crispy Rice Treats (75mg), Medicated Fruit Lozenges (50mg), and Medicated Dixie Rolls that are similar to Tootsie Rolls. Dixie Elixirs is always experimenting with new recipes for edibles. All of their current edibles are yummy, and we are sure any new edible from Dixie Elixirs will be fantastic.

Dixie Elixirs provides the best medical marijuana edibles available because they have all their medical marijuana and products tested by a third party laboratory that specializes in marijuana potency testing.

Dixie Elixirs’ products can be found in marijuana dispensaries throughout the USA.