Tuesday , June 19 2018
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“Come Fly with Us” Cannabis T-Shirt

Cannabis T-shirtIf you missed last year’s Cannabis Cup event in Amsterdam, no worries, because we snagged the best Amsterdam souvenirs, including this heavy quality, 100% all cotton, fully machine washable T-shirt. An exclusive Fox Productions classic, “Come Fly With Us” T-shirt makes a statement with iconic imagery.

More and more Americans are starting to agree that cannabis is an amazing substance and that it is known to cure or aid in the healing of all kinds of ailments – yet it is prohibited in the USA. So make a statement to help inform the citizens of America that: “Why Drink and Drive, When You Can Smoke and Fly!”

Whether or not you’re flying to Amsterdam for the 2013 Cannabis Cup, this symbolic T-shirt will remain the object of conversation within your inner circles, and who knows, what starts with an idea could end up being more than just a sweet pipe dream after all.