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Marijuana Legalize
66 percent of Americans surveyed believe that adults should be able to legally use marijuana in the privacy of one’s own home, according to a recent nationwide HuffingtonPost/YouGov survey.

59 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of Independents said marijuana should be legalized.

Republican poll respondents did not support private consumption by a margin of 57 percent to 31 percent.

A majority of poll respondents, 55 percent, support state-wide laws seeking to tax and regulate the commercial production and retail sale of marijuana for adults, such as those recently enacted in Colorado and Washington.

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MA Dispensary
After multiple delays for Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries, advocates are outraged about the most recent news coming from the statehouse. Two more of the eleven currently approved licensed dispensaries are on hold and might be shutdown by the state after finding that the company’s CEO lied on his application about having a college degree.

“When the state released a list of 11 dispensaries we were immediately concerned because it comes short of the amount that we need for safe and easy patient access,” said Matthew Allen, Executive Director of Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance. “Now that there are additional licenses that are on hold and potentially denied, we are becoming very concerned. We want to reiterate that this is a process that needs to be all about the patients.”

Currently, the likeliest dispensary location to receive a license for Central Massachusetts residents is Milford. The state will not grant another dispensary license in Worcester County until each county in the Commonwealth has one approved and officially licensed dispensary, meaning that Worcester or a more centralized medical marijuana dispensary won’t be opened until 2015 at the earliest.

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Banks Marijuana
Over 100 US financial institutions are now working directly with marijuana-related businesses in states that have legal marijuana markets, according to the US Department of Treasury.

Financial Crimes Enforcement Director Jennifer Shasky Calvery acknowledged that US financial institutions have filed over 1,000 reports with the Treasury Department in regards to businesses engaged in the sale of marijuana and marijuana-related goods and services.

“Currently 105 individual financial institutions from states in more than one third of the country engaged in banking relationships with marijuana-related businesses,” stated Calvery.

The Treasury Department and the Justice Department issued two memos in February providing limited guidance to financial institutions that wish to engage in transactions with state-sanctioned marijuana businesses.

In July, the US House of Representatives voted in favor of legislation restricting the Treasury Department’s ability to take punitive actions against financial institutions that provide assistance to state-authorized marijuana businesses.

However, the US Senate has yet to take any action on the measure.

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Medical Marijuana States
Currently, 35 states in America have reformed their laws via legislation or voter ballot initiatives to allow qualifying patients access to marijuana and/or marijuana-infused products for medical purposes.

This time last year, 21 states and the District of Columbia had medical marijuana laws – a sixty percent increase in one year.

A majority of these medical marijuana states allow for certain persons to grow marijuana and/or for dispensaries to sell marijuana. A few states have limited medical marijuana programs where patients are only allowed to purchase and use marijuana-infused or CBD-only products, such as oils or concentrates, which can be vaporized or consumed.

A few of the current medical marijuana states will be voting this November to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Many other states are looking into legalizing marijuana for medical purposes in the near future.

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