MA Marijuana News and Info

MA Marijuana News and Info

How to Get a MA Marijuana Card

Get MA Marijuana Card

Learn how to get a Massachusetts medical marijuana card.
Marijuana Doctors Massachusetts

Marijuana Doctors

Find marijuana doctors in Massachusetts and get your medical marijuana card.
MA Dispensary

Marijuana Dispensaries

Find all medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state of Massachusetts.
Marijuana Videos

Marijuana Videos

Watch a variety of marijuana related documentaries and videos.

World’s First Hemp Airplane Currently in Development

A small, two-engine airplane prototype made mostly of hemp is in production. A Kickstarter campaign for the plane is set …

Bob Marley’s Brand of Marijuana and Products in Stores Now

Marley Natural, Bob Marley’s brand of marijuana strains and products, has raised some controversy upon launching because, initially, it will …

First Dispensary to Have Drive Thru Window Opening Soon

The first drive-thru recreational marijuana dispensary in the country is set to open on April 20, 2016, in Gold Beach, …

Celebrity Doctor Reveals Support for Medical Marijuana

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a well-known celebrity doctor, has changed his views on medical marijuana. Recently, the doctor was on the …

Report Rates America’s Medical Marijuana Programs

It’s been two decades since the first medical marijuana laws were passed in the U.S. Since then, 85-percent of the …

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Mini Glass Bubbler with Opal Marble

Mini Glass Bubbler with Opal Marble

The Mini Glass Bubbler with Opal Marble features a flat, drop shaped mouthpiece that offers a very comfortable toke. It is decorated with an encased opal marble and beautiful purple, white and black reversal work on the bowl and mouthpiece.

The right side of the bowl is equipped with a wavy purple tendril appendage which provides a better grip and also gives the rig an unique appearance. On the left side of the bowl is a carb hole that is ringed in a matching purple color.

Each Mini Glass Bubbler with Opal Marble is individually handmade by glass artists at an Oregon collective.

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Black Leaf Smoke Stack Glass Bubbler

Black Leaf Smoke Stack Glass Bubbler

If you like unique pieces, then you’ll certainly like the Black Leaf Smoke Stack Glass Bubbler.

The Black Leaf Smoke Stack Glass Bubbler is made from clear borosilicate glass and measures 11.4 inches in height.

This bubbler consists of a wide top and bottom chamber and a tight four-chambered tube connecting the two together. The connection tube is constructed so that every time air passes it produces a whistling sound, so every hit sound like music to your ears.

This rig is equipped with a 10mm female joint and comes with a 10mm glass flower bowl with handle.

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Grace Glass Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler

Grace Glass Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler

If you enjoy smoking concentrates and essential oils, then the Limited Edition Grace Glass Oil Rig is the perfect piece for you.

It is equipped with a male 14.5mm joint, a glass concentrate nail and a 14.5mm female vapor dome with amber handles on the sides. The handles make it a lot easier to remove the dome and act as the perfect rollstopper.

Smoke travels through the fixed downstem into the showerhead diffuser that breaks up your smoke which results in a silky smooth hits.

The Limited Edition Grace Glass Vapor Bubbler is made of high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and measures 7.1 inches in height.

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