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MA Marijuana News and Info

MA Marijuana News and Info

How to Get a MA Marijuana Card

Get MA Marijuana Card

Learn how to get a Massachusetts medical marijuana card.
Marijuana Doctors Massachusetts

Marijuana Doctors

Find marijuana doctors in Massachusetts and get your medical marijuana card.
MA Dispensary

Marijuana Dispensaries

Find all medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state of Massachusetts.
Marijuana Videos

Marijuana Videos

Watch a variety of marijuana related documentaries and videos.

Study: Painkiller Overdoses Decline in Medical Marijuana States

Medical marijuana has become a viable alternative for chronic pain management and many people across the country are using it …

NFL Draftee’s Bong Rip Post on Twitter Cost Him Over $12 Million

Laremy Tunsil, a University of Mississippi offensive tackle, was favored to be the #1 pick of the 2016 NFL draft …

Hawaii Selects Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licensees

Hawaii has selected the eight companies that will be awarded medical marijuana dispensary licenses. The Hawaii State Department of Health …

Alaskans Are Trying to Legalize Marijuana Use at Dispensaries

Alaskan marijuana activists are working toward making it legal for people to purchase and consume marijuana on-site at recreational dispensaries. …

Walgreens Posts Pro Medical Marijuana Article on Tumblr

Walgreens, the global retailer and pharmacy chain with over 8,000 stores throughout the U.S., posted a positive article regarding medical …

Nearly 30 New Dispensary Licenses Available in Arizona

Nearly 30 new Arizona medical marijuana dispensary licenses are expected to be available this summer. Currently, only 99 out of …

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Mini Glass Taster Pipe


This taster pipe is only 3 inches in length and features an inside out frit on fumed borosilicate glass.

Frit is a technique using crushed glass for a speckled effect within the finished piece. Inside out glass pipes have a thick layer of clear glass that magnifies and absorbs color and creates unique, gorgeous and ethereal effects.

The fumed glass creates a color-changing effect as it changes color over time with heat and buildup, so your taster pipe’s look will evolve as you use it.

Thorough cleaning will return it to its original hues, so you can watch it slowly change all over again!

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Dixie Muscle Relief Lotion

Dixie Muscle Relief Lotion

Do you need to heal aching muscles? Try Dixie Elixirs’ new Muscle Relief Lotion.

The Muscle Relief Lotion’s lightweight and non-greasy formula makes it easy to apply to large areas like your back or legs. It works great for post workout soreness. It is infused with 90 mg of pure, CO2-extracted THC that is non-psychoactive because it is applied topically.

Simply massage the lotion into your sore muscles and let the medicinal benefits of THC work its magic. Even more, the lotion provides a soothing spa-like aroma from its rosemary, lavender and frankincense oils.

The lotion weighs 4 oz and includes 90 mg of THC.

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Dixie Relief Balm

Dixie Relief Balm

Got a sore muscle or joint? Try Dixie Elixirs’ new Relief Balm!

Dixie Relief Balm is a THC-infused balm that is ideal for treating acute pain, such as sprains, strains, and bruises. It aids in repairing and restoring soft tissue injuries as well as reducing pain. Simply rub the balm onto the sore area and leave. The THC will soak into the muscle and joint to relieve pain and repair tissue damage.

The balm smells great and is made with all-natural ingredients like olive fruit oil, beeswax, cocoa seed butter, lavender oil, THC oil, and more. Because this product is topical it is very unlikely to cause any psychoactive effects.

Each Dixie Relief Balm weighs 1.5 oz and comes with 90 mg of THC.

Purchase a Dixie Relief Balm today!


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