Monday , January 24 2022
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Cannabis Control Commission to Slash Waiting Time for Licenses

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The Cannabis Control Commission wants to reduce marijuana business licensing times in half. It takes an average of 121 days for an initial review to take place currently. The commission will need more staff to cut the time to 60 days or less for fiscal year 2021.

The commission estimates that its 2021 operations budget would need to be $12.4 million, MassLive reported. The commission’s budget including the medical marijuana program and public awareness program is $16.3 million. The budget also includes provisions to streamline processing for marijuana business licensing and application processes.

Executive Director of the Cannabis Control Commission Shawn Collins said, “Toward this objective, the Commission will require additional funding to support hiring, particularly within our licensing and enforcement division. This budget will enable the Commission to continue our growth and potentially add up to 34 new full-time positions. In combination with IT and operational enhancements, hiring more Investigators and Licensing Specialists will enable the Commission to process applications on a quicker timeline while also ensuring continued compliance with state law and adherence to our mission.”

Commission Chairman Steven Hoffman said, “This is going to sound, I know, a little self-serving and I apologize of that, but if we can increase the number of licensing personnel we have, we can increase the number of licenses and we can increase the amount of tax revenue that we generate, so I believe it is a good investment.”

With more staff, more applications can be approved allowing Massachusetts to grow its marijuana industry.