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Massachusetts Marijuana Applicants Voice Concerns About Licensing

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Commissioners received 31 applications for provisional licenses to enter the marijuana industry in Massachusetts. All of them were approved. This move left several scratching their heads.

Regulators have continuously ignored the concerns of marijuana industry entrepreneurs regarding the licensing process, the Boston Globe reports. Advocates were upset that the meeting adjourned 5 minutes before it was set to start. This left no time for anyone to speak or ask questions.

One advocate said, “We are not engaging to slow down the process. We are doing this to force accountability of the commission with the law.”

Economic empowerment applicants have had the most trouble having their concerns addressed.

According to Commission Chairman Steven Hoffman, the joint vote regarding all 31 applicants was done to give everyone a fair chance in the licensing process.

Hoffman said, “My intent is to find the balance to continue to do the work that we have to do and listen, and I think that that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.”

Leah Cook Daniels, an economic empowerment applicant, said, “This is insanity is what it is. What is the reason why a priority applicant or applicants cannot get through this process? No application process takes 610 days. This is insanity, and it’s a sad, sad day.”

Tensions rose and more shouting took place. Those with concerns were urged to attend a January 23 form where the concerned applicants will have a chance to speak.

Hoffman said, “I have no problem with people coming. I do have a problem with them disrupting our meetings because we can’t get our work done, but I recognize and understand their point of view. We are committed to continue to listen to them, but I urge them to think about the other parts of state government that need to be involved in this solution and talk to them as well.”