Tuesday , October 20 2020
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Massachusetts Starts 5-Month Ban on Vaporizer Sales


Amid the current vaping health crisis across the U.S., Governor Charlie Baker has issued a temporary 5-month ban on all vaping product sales. This includes marijuana vape products. Marijuana vaping products have been removed from retail and medical marijuana location shelves.

Some medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts rely on vape to receive their doses of cannabinoids, according to WWLP 22 News. Dispensaries like NETA are helping their patients find an alternative medical marijuana product. Vaping marijuana is a popular delivery method across the nation.

NETA of Northhampton said, “As a result of this decision, our teams will work with patients and customer who use vaping products as their preferred options to find the best alternative products to meet their needs during the review period.”

Marijuana vape product sales in August in Massachusetts were $4.1 million. The industry could take a big temporary hit.

The ban is in place until at least January 25, 2020.