Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Massachusetts Says Certain Types of CBD Are Still Illegal


CBD is sold in many stores across Massachusetts and is even available at Sephora and Bed Bath & Beyond stores in the state. But state lawmakers say that some CBD products are illegal.

The Department of Public Health and Department of Agricultural Resources have conclude that CBD food products and CBD products making therapeutic claims are illegal, The Boston Globe reports. New guidelines are being created by state lawmakers.

The state said that “any food product containing CBD” and “any product containing CBD derived from hemp that makes therapeutic/medicinal claims” are prohibited.

According to spokespeople for both state agencies, local boards of health are responsible for enforcing the state’s laws.

Gubernatorial spokesman Brendan Moss said that the Baker Administration “looks forward to working with the FDA, state agencies and local boards of health to ensure all products in Massachusetts comply with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.”

A bill has been filed to reverse the recent guidelines issued by the state regarding hemp-derived CBD products.

The bill indicates that hemp-derived cannabinoids (CBD) aren’t controlled substances and products containing CBD, such as ingestible items like gummies and other foods should be considered food and not a controlled substance.

It’s unsure when this new legislation will receive a hearing or vote.