Saturday , January 25 2020
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Nova Farms to Begin Growing Marijuana Outdoors

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Nova Farms will be growing marijuana outdoors for dispensaries in Attleboro and Framingham. Nova is said to be the first cultivator on the East Coast to have an outdoor growing license. Marijuana plants love natural sunlight and benefit from the nutrients in the soil.

Co-owner of Nova Farms, Blair Fish said, “Utilizing the natural sun is the best way to grow cannabis.”

Outdoor grows also reduce the cost of electricity for marijuana cultivators, Metro West Daily News notes. Nova Farms was operating under the name Bristol County Wellness Center before rebranding. The cultivation company has changed its focus from indoor cultivation to sun-grown marijuana.

The new cultivation area is 90-acres but only about 3.5 acres will actually be used for marijuana cultivation at first.

Fish said, “I think that the way that Mother Nature intended things to be was outdoors. It’s just that the climate in New England isn’t suitable to do that, so people have learned to grow indoors, and they really haven’t explored the outdoor option.”

The company’s license allows them to have a cultivation canopy of 8,000-sqft. Plans to harvest between 5,000 and 6,000 pounds of marijuana are slated for fall.

Fish said, “Our goal is to come right behind this (outdoor) crop with hybridized greenhouses so that we’d have production all year round.”