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Massachusetts’ Marijuana Industry Projected to Employ 20,000


When the Massachusetts marijuana market is in full swing, as many as 20,000 could be employed in the industry. The estimate was gathered by Weedmaps by using existing data from Colorado. The jobs included are indirect (ancillary services) and direct industry positions.

The majority of the positions would be within a licensed marijuana company, according to The Boston Globe. Those employed in a retail marijuana location are expected to be about 4,700. In other sectors like manufacturing, agricultural and administrative, there could be as many as 8,700 jobs.

Jay Youmans of the Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association said, “This is everything from a scientist to a parking attendant to an HR manager to a director of diversity hiring. When people see the titles, they realize it sounds like the org chart of any company. You’d never know it has anything to do with cannabis.”

The additional jobs would be ancillary positions, or positions that work to assist the marijuana industry. These positions include contractors, horticultural suppliers and law firms, to name a few examples. Those jobs are expected to reach a number around 5,800.

Marijuana companies in Massachusetts are hiring. Some are hosting job fairs to find the most eligible candidates.

The true size of the Massachusetts marijuana industry is unknown as it is barely getting started. It has been estimated that the industry could reach tax revenues of $216 million in the first two years.

Co0owner of Kush Groove smoke shop, Marcus Johnson-Smith, commented on the potential job market.

He said, “I hear the demand every day from folks who consume cannabis and now want to get involved on a professional level. The talent is here, and it’s transferable. Folks are now being hired to do what they went to jail for.”

He also said, “If these folks were offered an opportunity to do outreach and marketing for a dispensary, that business could find a lot of success, because now they’re reaching consumers in a way that’s genuine and culturally relevant.”

Good Chemistry is one dispensary that has branched out from Colorado to Massachusetts’ new industry. So far, the company has hired 24 people. It expects to hire at least 100 more people as the recreational market takes off. An entry-level position with Good Chemistry has a starting pay of about $15/hr.

Matt Huron of Good Chemistry said, “On the dispensary side, we really look for people with retail experience, especially in a state like Massachusetts that doesn’t already have a lot of cannabis companies. We want people who are personable, outgoing, and passionate about cannabis. There’s a lot of enthusiasm — people know that this industry is going to expand, and they see it as an opportunity to come in at entry-level and work their way up.”