Sunday , October 24 2021
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Mass.: 200 Applications Filed for Recreational Marijuana Licenses


The licensing system just launched last week in Massachusetts. Applications could be submitted in-person and online. The state has already received 200 applications, including 23 companies that want their license applications expedited.

The Cannabis Control Commission is expected to publish a list of applicants with the type of licensing being applied for some time this spring, according to The Boston Globe. Existing or provisionally permitted medical marijuana dispensary applicants will go to the front of the line for processing. Economic empowerment companies (where high crime, disparity and other social difficulties are leaders/owners) would also go to the front of the line.

Prior to submitting applications, the potential business owners must receive permission from community officials in the town/city of proposed operation before a license can be granted.

Seventy-seven of the applications received are from existing medical marijuana businesses. The other applications received (so far) are from empowerment companies that qualify for the economic empowerment program.