Sunday , October 24 2021
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Marijuana Consumption Lounge Opens in Worcester


The Summit Club opened its doors over the weekend and is already raising a lot of eyebrows. Members pay a $50/mo fee to have access to the private club. Members can smoke anything legal inside the club including marijuana, cigars, hookah or not even smoke anything at all.

Video games, snacks and other entertainment are available to members, according to the Boston Herald. No marijuana is available for sale at the club. The club also does not offer alcohol to members.

Members must bring their own marijuana. Pipes, bongs and other smoking devices are available to rent.

The owner of The Summit Club, Kyle Moon, isn’t a marijuana user himself. The Summit Club isn’t intended to be just a marijuana smoking lounge.

Moon said, “Our members are able to smoke anything that’s legal in Massachusetts. We’re just a place to socialize.”

He also said, “The reality is, it’s legal in Massachusetts and it’s coming whether we like it or not.”

Regarding the intention for his club, Moon said, “We’re not just a place people can come smoke cannabis, we’re a place where people can smoke cigars, smoke hookah, they don’t even have to smoke. We want to be that environment where people who don’t want to go out to the typical nightclub, bar scene, can go.”

On The Summit Club’s website, the lounge is advertised as being “Worcester’s premier cannabis consumption lounge”.

One positive for the club is that it is not a public establishment, so it’s not within the Cannabis Control Commission’s oversight. There are no regulations for marijuana consumption lounges in place in the state yet.

The city manager, Edward M. Augustus has asked the CCC to adopt regulations for private clubs.

Augustus said, “The occupant of 116 Water Street (The Summit Lounge) did not disclose to the city that he would be operating a private club for the purpose of marijuana consumption. He has exploited a loophole in the 2017 Marijuana Act as well as the draft regulation.”

At the moment, the focus is on just getting the recreational marijuana industry up and running in Massachusetts – getting dispensaries open. All other topics like home delivery and social clubs should be addressed at a later time, according to Governor Baker and Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

Moon hopes that by him opening up a private club that other businesses will open up in the near future too.

Moon said, “There’s a lot of stereotypes in this industry, and shaping it moving forward would be amazing, and shaping it in a positive way is what we need. It’s all about breaking down those negative stigmas we have – It’s just normal people.”