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Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts Dispensary Opening 2 New Locations


Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts (MMM) dispensary will open a location in Plymouth and Mashpee in January. The dispensary will only offer marijuana flowers, oils and vapes.

The facility features 60-security cameras and regulatory education for patients, according to Wicked Local Plymouth. The regulatory education will help patients understand how much they can purchase at a time. Educational materials to help patients use their medicine safely will also be available.

It took MMM four years to gain all of the necessary approvals. The stop/start process due to questions in the regulatory process has held up licensing and approvals. For now, MMM is just a medical marijuana company, but it has hopes of entering into the recreational marijuana market as well.

An upcoming Plymouth town meeting may pose one more issue for MMM. Zoning regulations are in question, which could force the dispensary out of Plymouth. Kevin O’Reilly, the COO of MMM, says that their impeccable attention to detail regarding security should help the town be more comfortable with having the dispensary there. They’ve taken measures to protect everyone entering and leaving the building, as well as employees – in more ways than a typical store would.

O’Reilly said, “We have two concerns with the petitioned articles. The petitioned article 39 would permit a recreational dispensary to locate in the village centers, unlike the article promoted by the Planning Board, which requires marijuana establishments to locate in the industrial areas and addresses concerns that the town had with respect to security and safety when it directed MMM to locate in the Plymouth Industrial Park. Also, the petitioned article requirement to separate medical and recreational dispensaries by 4,000-feet means that no recreational dispensary could locate in the Plymouth Industrial Park, which would force the location of them into more residential areas.”

MMM is prepared to serve people in both the medical and recreational marijuana market. Processing will be done on-site and will be overseen by a team of industry experts. MMM uses hydroponic growing practices with LED lighting. Every aspect of the business is watched by security cameras, including the on-site processing.

The goal of MMM is to sell medical marijuana at or above street level. They say this will prevent resale. They’re also only allowing patients to purchase up to an ounce per visit, which is more restrictive than the 10-ounces per 60 days as allowed per Massachusetts medical marijuana law.

Cultivator, “Keith T.”, said, “We can make products for people who don’t want to smoke. We make a tincture you put under your tongue that is coconut oil based. You can use a vape pen and put oil in that. There are also topical skin products which are good for treating eczema, precancerous skin.”