Friday , July 20 2018
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Ludlow Selectmen Proceed with Banning Marijuana Sales


A motion to request a letter from the Ludlow town counsel regarding the legal process in banning cultivation and sales of recreational marijuana was approved by the Ludlow Board of Selectmen. Voters approved a temporary ban that will expire on June 30, 2018. The current ban applies to all aspects of the recreational marijuana industry, including land procurement for future projects.

Town officials want to make the ban permanent, according to Mass Live. The vote of 4 – 1 to move forward was taken on September 19. The Board of Selectmen wants legal guidance to move forward with making the ban permanent.

The Ludlow Board of Health supports the town’s efforts to maintain its ban on recreational marijuana.

The list of municipalities working to ban recreational marijuana in Massachusetts continues to grow.

Chairman of the selectmen, William E. Rooney said, “I’m very happy to see that letter from the Board of Health. I applaud them for that.”

Regarding moving forward with a permanent ban, Rooney said, “Let’s make sure we do it correctly.”

There are legal parameters that Ludlow must follow first.

Selectman Derek DeBarge is in agreement with Rooney. He said, “What’s the harm in finding out what the proper procedure is and just doing it correctly the first time?”

In last November’s election, when the state’s voters approved recreational marijuana, Ludlow residents opposed by 52-percent. Over 90 communities opposed recreational marijuana in the November 2016 election.