Sunday , July 15 2018
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Mass. Marijuana Advocates Ready to Compromise with Lawmakers

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If lawmakers can’t decide on regulations for the new recreational marijuana market, advocates said they’re willing to settle. They’ll accept the law as written if a rewrite compromise doesn’t  take place. They are hoping that a rewrite doesn’t make it to the governor’s desk though.

Advocates are hoping their crafted law doesn’t undergo a complete overhaul, according to MassLive. Some lawmakers, mainly senators, are seeking a minor rewrite. Other top lawmakers, those in the House, want a repeal-and-replace approach to be taken.

House and Senate negotiators have met behind closed doors. They haven’t reached a compromise yet. Their own deadline, to have a bill to the Governor by the end of June, has come and gone.

Jim Borghesani, spokesperson for advocates, said, “The way it’s looking now – I have no insight into what’s going on – my guess is that neither side is budging much and if nothing happens the law stays on the books as is. That’s fine with us.”

The Governor has yet to appoint members to the required advisory group, which is to be done by August. Also, the treasurer has to create a Cannabis Control Commission before September.

Governor Baker said, “At some point we are going to have to go forward with the law as it was written.”

Borghesani also said, “Remember, they can still make changes. They can change this anytime. This idea that we have to get everything right out of the gate, it’s not true. In fact, we have the Cannabis Control Commission mandated to give legislative recommendations to the Legislature each year on taxes, on everything.”