Wednesday , June 20 2018
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New Bill May Change Many Aspects of Massachusetts’s Marijuana Laws

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Changes to the voter-approved recreational marijuana bill in Massachusetts are expected to be introduced this week. The House has taken up a bill that changes the voter-approved initiative’s current tax structure among other items.

Local items such as a process allowing cities and towns to opt out is also included, according to Mass Live. The oversight structure of the new industry is within the bill’s contents as well. Legalization advocates, however, want things left alone – they want the bill implemented the way it was approved by voters.

The law as it stands now would impose a general tax rate up to 12-percent, which includes the 6.25-percent state sales tax, 2-percent local tax and 3.75-percent excise tax.

Testimony has been heard for months by the Marijuana Policy Committee to help craft proper legislation for the governor’s signature. The committee’s next meeting is Wednesday and is scheduled to be an executive session. The bill calling for changes is expected to be introduced at this meeting.

The expected discussion is whether or not the Senate will back the bill as presented or create their own version. If the Senate does not back this bill, it could push back the date for legal recreational marijuana sales past July 2018.