Wednesday , June 20 2018
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Modifications May Be Coming to Massachusetts’s Marijuana Industry


The Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary, Marylou Sudders, says that recreational marijuana could evolve the state’s medical marijuana program. The Department of Public Health oversees the medical marijuana program. It may be kept separate from recreational marijuana.

Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has authority over the new recreational marijuana industry, Newburyport News reports. Modifications to the recreational marijuana rules and regulations may still take place. Sudders thinks that the recreational marijuana market may make prices lower for medical marijuana.

Sudders said, “I think we’re going to evolve. I think as recreational marijuana is implemented in Massachusetts, I think that will raise questions about do you ring medical and recreational together, is there a need to for bringing them together (or) keeping them separate?”

Sudders went to Colorado recently and visited a few recreational marijuana shops.

She said, “There are recreational and medicinal marijuana shops. You go in one door and take a right and go to the recreational side and a left to go into the medicinal side.”

The voter-approved law says that state regulators cannot, “prohibit a medical marijuana treatment center and an experienced marijuana establishment operator from operating a medical marijuana treatment center and a marijuana establishment at a shared location.”

If regulations aren’t set in place by July 1, 2018 then medical marijuana dispensaries are automatically eligible to sell recreational marijuana to anyone ages 21 and older.

The Marijuana Policy Committee says it is planning to recommend changes in the law by June.