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Massachusetts Marijuana Group Asks Lawmakers to Not Change Law

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The group Yes on 4 was behind the initiative to pass recreational marijuana law in Massachusetts. An now, they’re urging their state lawmakers to leave the law as is.

The group says that lawmakers should allow the Cannabis Control Commission to make changes as necessary, according to CBS Boston. The commission’s members have not been selected yet. Jim Borghesani, a spokesman for Yes on 4, says that the law should be left intact and the commission can make changes later, as they see fit.

Borghesani said, “The new law requires no legislative fixes.”

Due to the recent extensions on deadlines, the start of recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts are not expected to begin until mid-2018. The deadline for appointing the 3 members for the Cannabis Control Commission is also pushed back. The original deadline was March 1.

Borghesani points out that Massachusetts is the only state with a voter-approved recreational marijuana law to delay the process of implementation.

Members of the Legislature appeared less than impressed with Yes on 4’s plea.

Senate President Stan Rosenberg said, “It’s not our intention to undermine the will of the voters, it’s our intention to get it right.”

Governor Charlie Baker said, “Almost to a person they said you should make sure you have enough time to set this thing up in such a way that you’re not constantly chasing it.”

One of the biggest items hanging lawmakers up is properly taxing recreational marijuana sales. They have to tax it in a way that still brings in enough revenue to fund the regulation of the new marijuana law.