Saturday , March 24 2018
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Springfield Company Giving Away “Free” Marijuana Shut Down

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A company in Springfield giving away a “free gift” (marijuana) with entry to their store has been shut down. Mary Jane Makes Your Heart Sing received a “cease and desist” order from local officials. So far it appears that they are complying. Recreational marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but local officials believe that the business practices carried out are in violation of the new law.

Website visitors were offered free marijuana edibles or a free gram with in-store visits, according to The Boston Globe.  By paying an “entrance fee,” visitors were offered free samples of dry flower and/or edibles. Not only do officials say a state law was violated, Mary Jane Makes Your Heart Sing was said to be in violation of a city ordinance as well.

A $20 cover charge was charged to patrons. Those wanting a better sampling could pay a $50 VIP pass fee. Now, exchanges without remuneration can be made, up to one ounce, but that exchange can’t be advertised for. An investigation by the DA’s office, mayor’s office and local police department resulted in the business being shut down.

Patrons inside the business when the order was delivered were unhappy. Many called the action a “buzz kill” while booing the delivering officer.

Sergeant John Delaney said, “It appears the person is going to cooperate and follow the letter of the law. But that remains to be seen.”

Marijuana-related shops are not permitted to operate in Springfield until new zoning regulations are passed. That makes Mary Jane Makes Your Heart Sing directly in violation of that ordinance. Investigations into other statewide businesses, like HighSpeed Technology Inc. are expected as well.