Saturday , April 21 2018
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State Lawmakers Unsure If Big or Small Tweaks Are Ahead for Marijuana Law

MA Marijuana Law

Lawmakers in Massachusetts are taking another look at the recreational marijuana law. Revisions to the existing law–as voters approved it–are expected. While a complete overhaul is not expected, it is still a possibility.

Taxes are still a concern, according to WCVB TV. In the current law, it states that a 3.75-percent excise tax will be placed on all recreational sales, plus a 6.25-percent state sales tax. Local jurisdictions are also permitted to add on an additional 2-percent tax. That would make the total tax per recreational marijuana sale 12-percent. Some say it is too low and isn’t enough to cover regulatory costs.

Supporters of the current law are open to higher tax rates. All other states are far higher, with Washington State being the highest at 37-percent tax for recreational marijuana sales.

Supporters also say that higher taxes would keep the black market thriving in the state. The group also brought up that western U.S. states are lowering their taxes to help weaken black markets. This will be a big part of the discussion in revising any of the current law.

Officials are also expected to address:

  • Homegrowing regulations
  • Edibles potencies
  • Local controls

The law does not include any restrictions for THC concentration in edibles, so a revision is expected for that area of concern. As far as homegrowing regulations are concerned, lawmakers want the amount allowed currently to be lowered. As the law is written now, qualifying adults can grow six plants each, with a maximum of 12 per household.