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New Home Marijuana Cultivation Laws Have 1,000s Attempting to Grow


Harvest Moon Hydroponics is using an indoor marijuana growing technique called hydroponics. They use a special instrument to measure the humidity and temperature of the space. Air circulation is provided by small fans in the corner of the grow. It also has an air filtration system to filter away unwanted odors.

According to Harvest Moon Hydroponics owner Aaron Voog, the kit they use costs only a few hundred dollars, WCVB News 5 reports. Since Massachusetts adults are permitted to grow six plants, with a total per household of 12 plants, many are experimenting with home growing since no retail marijuana shops will be open for another 18 months.

Voog says that about 10 customers per day are asking about marijuana cultivation, with no barrier on age group as their customers range from millennials to seniors. He said, “People have been arriving, frankly, from all walks of life that I’ve never seen before.”

The hydroponics shop caters to agriculture, landscaping and marijuana growers. Since the new law went into effect, Voog says that much of his time is spent answering questions regarding marijuana growth. He said, “It’s been interesting.”

New England Hydroponics is another local company that offers grow equipment. Owner Ethan Holmes says that his business has also increased in the last few weeks. A new location just opened in Auburn last week due to rapid growth.

Holmes said, “We’re trying to position well for the market. Business has been good.”

The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis (NIC) has seen a spike in registration for their marijuana cultivation courses. The course costs $600.

Maggie Kinsella, NIC’s admissions coordinator said, “We did see an immediate response after the legalization passed to apply and enroll in the school. The next day our phones started ringing. Our inbox had a ton of emails in it.”

The hurdle that Massachusetts home growers face is obtaining a starting point. They’re only allowed to grow from seed or a clipping of a mature plant. It’s not legal to sell these items in the state. So, it’s a gray area in the law that residents are attempting to get past.

Kinsella suggests that the best way to obtain either a seed or clipping is from knowing someone with a supply.

She said, “I think you’ve kind of just got to get to know the people in the community and go about it that way.”