Monday , April 23 2018
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Implementation of MA’s Recreational Marijuana Law to Be Delayed

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The recreational marijuana law in Massachusetts is supposed to go into effect by December 15, but the Secretary of State, William Galvin, said that the results might not be certified in time. The eight-member Governor’s Council has to certify the initiative before it can become law, and voting tallies aren’t expected to be delivered until December 15.

Galvin declared that there is no intent to delay Question 4 from becoming law, according to Boston Globe. He is certain, however, that the law will be certified before the beginning of 2017. Advocates of Question 4 are frustrated with the news of the delay.

Galvin said, “All those tokers can hold their breath a little longer, but they’ll be able to exhale by early 2017.”

Question 4 campaign manager Will Luzier is displeased with the news, he said, “I’m a little surprised, honestly, by that development because I just assumed the process was going forward.”

Luzier expected the 5-week period following the election would be an ample amount of time to confirm the results and make Question 4 law. But overseas and military results weren’t confirmed until November 18, which has caused a delay in tallying votes.

Luzier also said, “By state statute, we were required to preference the electors. No one is trying to delay the marijuana question deliberately. It’s just the presidency of the United States is more important than legalizing marijuana.”

The Governor’s Council meets weekly. A Cannabis Control Commission will be appointed by the state treasurer to oversee and create rules for the retail marijuana dispensaries. Retail sales are still slated to begin on January 1, 2018.

Another element affecting the delay is regulating home cultivation. Massachusetts home growing regulations will be strict, but still will allow adults to grow up to 12 plants per household.