Monday , April 23 2018
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Sen. Warren Supports Legalizing and Regulating Marijuana in MA

MA Marijuana Legalization

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently said that she is open to regulating and legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts.

Question 4 will be present on the November voting ballot in Massachusetts in an effort to legalize recreational marijuana. If Question 4 passes, a Cannabis Control Commission will be setup to oversee regulations, reported Mass Live.

Senator Warren said, “Massachusetts is in a very difficult position, because we have decriminalized marijuana, but that means it’s fairly widely available. But, there’s no real regulation of it.”

Increased tax revenue would come into the state and it would help shut down black markets. Regardless of studies proving that marijuana is not a gateway drug, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh both believe that legalized marijuana opens a “path to harder substances.”

Senator Warren also said, “I think that what we really need is to have some regulation of it, and that means I would be open to the possibility of legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts.”

Half of the nation has some form of legalized marijuana policy. Senator Warren thinks that Massachusetts should learn from what other states have already accomplished.

In regards to marijuana’s status in the Controlled Substances Act, Warren said, “I think that just makes no sense at all. And so I’ve been pushing back against this. I think what we need is an opportunity to study the drug better and we also need better regulation for it. “